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[evolutionarily equipped with a mechanism of self-destruction]


[4672] sound experiment with the participation of third kind impulses was born in 2010. The vision of sound penetrating all the senses was initiated by the [dem]. The creative process is entirely based on improvisation and trance in which energy and matter are turned into pure sound, [majcher] joined project in 2012



< [4672] UK based Experimental Project



< experimental, industrial, djent, math-metal, metal



<[paradox] - [2015]: [tbc]

*[bielack] - vocals
*_[dem] - guitars, bass, bk-vocals, production & mastering


<[noema] - [2015]:

*_[dem] - guitars, bass, production & mastering


<[takuboku] - [2013]:

*[piotr_majcher] - vocals
*_[dem] - guitars, bass, bk-vocals, drum programming, production, mastering



<[452Hz] - [2011]:

*_[dem] - guitars, bass, vocals, drum programming, production, mastering



< samo, nyia, meshuggah, tool, nin, imminent...



< vz, abysal, zeroth


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Keeping things simple, as we always are, remember that mobile version of our website is skinned off modules that are not really display on small screens very well, so switch on desktop version whenever you can to experience it in its full form...


Newsletter or Email Sign Up, whatever you want to call it, it has been brought to our attention that we're not looking after our loyal fans, therefore we're starting [rarely] occurring email service, NOT SPAM! but you may have to check your spam folder time to time, anyways if you like to stay up to day with [4672] then that stuff if for you...


Featured Releases

[452Hz] - [2010]

First [4672] experimental album which became a hallmark and starting point to unexpected journey...

[takuboku] - [2013]

Short, yet more mature in nature, with questionable industrial sound...

[paradox] - [2016]

The Leap, long time in development, vast and complex in its nature, it will bring reveal its paradox...


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