25 June 2017: I'm pleased to say that [æther] is nearly complete, 14 Tracks have been completed so far, with potential 1 bonus track, 12 of will feature The Rising Storm / Abysal vocalist: "Masa" who already started working on the tracks, also new cover art has been designed by our Friend Maciej Malecki check out his awesome stuff here, and all this was possible thanks to Pawel Rominski. On top of that J-Sick was working really hard on stop-motion video for title track, it took us 3 months to put everything together, as soon as vocals finished we'll be promoting the video on our YouTube channel. 

28 July 2016: It has become extremely difficult to finish [paradox] especially now when new stuff is coming together, this whole album become some sort of paradox its self, anyway new [4672] album will be called [æther]

and hopefully I will be able to release it this fall, 2017 I mean. check in here for more info...


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